Compression Planning helps key leaders leverage their collaborative time so they make better decisions faster – which leaves more time for strategic thinking and better results.

A 7-step visual Compression Planning system helps leaders who feel like they are drowning in an ocean of quicksand due to all the useless, boring and unnecessary planning sessions and meetings they get trapped in.

Imagine that you could spend two hours in a planning meeting and come away with a project plan and a communication plan. Sounds too good to be true, right? Compression Planning, a style of project management, makes it possible and synED is ready to bring it to California’s Community Colleges.


Are you involved in numerous critical planning sessions throughout the year?


Do you wish you could effectively plan projects and see desired results in less time?


As a result of compression planning, your team will have a detailed action plan and communications plan established to accomplish your goals.

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What Is Compression Planning?

Compression Planning is a visual process designed to bring out a group’s best thinking and energy to resolve a complex issue in an environment of fair play and equal participation led by a skilled facilitator.

Compression Planning gets everybody heading in the same direction and compresses the planning time for major projects to enable your organization to achieve the results you need.  Compression Planning leverages collaborative time, so you can make better decisions much faster than ever before.

So How Does it Work?

Using the storyboard system and the Master Planning Model, Compression planning = productive meetings + effective results.

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