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SynED recognizes that traditional education is challenged by multiple forces: an accelerating pace of change, rapidly evolving educational technologies, and a web of cultural/sociological evolution that confront existing models of education and the workplace. Formal education has evolved into a complex multi-faceted, life-long activity no longer delivered in a monolithic block during one’s first twenty years.

Awareness of current and future trends arms educators, employers and citizens with key knowledge to make relevant decisions and create effective organizations to support those evolving needs. At the heart of synED’s charter and passion is the investigation and discussions of our evolving world with those who are acutely impacted by it. Our Research and ReportOUT division is dedicated to monitoring, investigating and stimulating conversation and action around these universal issues. By anticipating these dynamics, synED seeks to spur transformations in institutional education and independent learning.


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How the Changing Education Landscape is Helping Entrepreneurs

The higher-education industry is changing drastically and that change is good for business -- and entrepreneurs. Colleges and universities are no longer the gatekeeper of information or the only game in town. Instead, numerous new providers…

Is College Worth It For Me?

How Adults Without Degrees Think About Going (Back) to School A report by Public Agenda, with support from The Kresge Foundation NOVEMBER 2013 SynED Commentary We have included the executive summary of this report here to recognize the great…

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