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SynED seeks to facilitate collaboration and communication to find common ground in an increasingly complex and diverse educational ecosystem.

SynED’s network of professionals provides services to leverage existing resources and initiatives. SynED identifies the people, processes and technology needed to achieve your goals and maximize your returns. Our experts offer the industry-specific knowledge and experience to craft effective strategies and solutions that will drive performance, lower costs and generate value in higher education.

SynED strives to help by identify the areas of inquiry, facilitate the discussion and share the learning.

SynEd identifies emerging best practices for effective articulation between employers, jobseekers and education providers. We identify issues, processes and technologies based on evidence and identify goals and objectives that meet the needs of stakeholders. SynED translates research projects into processes that reflect best practices.

Guy Smith is the Chair of the B.A. program at Antioch University Santa Barbara. Prior to this appointment, for 34 years he was a faculty and administrator at Santa Barbara City College. He served as a faculty member in English and Communications, and most recently as the Dean of Educational Programs responsible for the administration of the Business Division, the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the School of Media Arts which includes new media applications, game design, animation, film & television and journalism.

For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Smith has been at the forefront of emerging information and communication technologies. Actively involved with the online information industry since its inception, he established Infomart Research, the first online information brokerage in California. As co-founder of Intellimation, a multimedia publishing company, he worked with software developers, publishers and content providers to distribute multimedia applications.

For the past 20 years, Mr. Smith has managed and developed projects focusing on new media production, e-commerce and distribution, mobile media, and the use of game technologies in providing training and education. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation and the Economic and Workforce Development program from the State of California.

Having lived in Santa Barbara for 36 years, he is an active member of the community. Currently he serves on the Executive Board of the MIT Enterprise Forum.

He received his B.A. & M.A from San Diego State University before completing doctoral coursework in rhetoric and linguistics at the University of Southern California. His role in the project will be to serve as the Principal Investigator conducting project management, coordination of project participants, and the integration of the project goals within SBCC\'s current educational programs.

He is married to Carola for twenty –four years with two children, Justin and Britta.

Mr. Young has been working with Fortune 100 and other companies providing results based technology and operational solutions for over 25 years. Broad exposure to various types of business and company philosophy has given Mr. Young a unique perspective when bringing technology to play in business operations. Whether it is manufacturing, sales, marketing or supply chain, his focus is to always bring simplicity, efficiency and cost effectiveness to technology and operational systems. Mr. Young has also been actively involved in workplace education for the past 15 years supporting companies with competancy based curriculum design and assessment.

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