Helping Higher Education

Promote Experiment Manage Vendors Strategize Plan Infrastructure Project Manage Evolve

By promoting synergies between traditional, non-traditional and experiential learning to realize the best possible outcomes for students, faculty, business and society.

Research & Report OUT

Awareness of current and future trends arms educators, employers and citizens with key knowledge to make relevant decisions and create effective organizations to support those evolving needs. At the heart of synED’s charter and passion is the investigation and discussions of our evolving world with those who are acutely impacted by it.


Answers the need when a managed collaboration of public and private entities require independence from bias and effective management is essential to achieving common goals.


Support solutions and contract management for educational grants needing professional business expertise and pooling multi-college funds to support innovative and pilot projects.


A non-profit host and support network for innovative and experienced professionals to initiate and direct independent grant proposals.

Recognizing Everyone As A Student For Life