Support solutions and contract management for educational grants needing professional business expertise and pooling multi-college funds to support innovative and pilot projects.

In each case synED does what the College finds difficult, awkward to manage financially, or just not their usual way of doing business. In some cases this may involve a solution for multiple colleges where sharing investment in a solution makes good sense. SynEDs professional can-do approach assures that the quality is included and the reporting meets the needs of the institution. 

Industry Insight

SynEd understands the business environment and is able to identify and gain access to key business leaders who could contribute valuable information and appreciate the scope and purpose of your project. Finding the right venue, physical or virtual, to optimize this advisory exchange with business is a diplomatic art at which synED excels.

Design For Outcomes

We help you design your project proposal for achievable outcomes and maximum effectiveness.

The purpose of many academic projects and the perspective of the project team can become too scattered at times, needing a strategy session for market and production planning that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the project and the outcomes. SynED can guide the project team thru a proactive planning process to identify a clear and effective path to success (based upon Compression Planning technique).

Vendor Management

Regional projects with multiple colleges and multiple vendors can be difficult to manage within the CCC structure. One contract with synED can move that process into the fast lane.

Analytic Review

SynED understands the lofty goals and the bottom line. Effective analysis will establish scope, optimally size the intended effort and clarify realistic goals. Furthermore, and in concert with an analytical review of your data, we can advise of more effective solutions to meet your project objectives.

Proven Infrastructure

SynED provides guidance and technology infrastructure support to promote your project activities through online and social channels. With the ever increasing involvement of every demographic in Internet, mobile and social communication channels this becomes a critical component of your project success.

  • Websites & Web Applications
  • Survey Tools
  • Collaboration
  • Results Tracking
  • Reporting

Multiple Project Synergies

By working with multiple regions and colleges, synED realizes an economy of scale allowing us to share resources among projects. That makes approval, measurement, control and reporting of project results effective and positive.

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