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Sample Customer Projects

Increase Enrollment

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Direct Sales Connecting Employers and Colleges

Several Community Colleges have realized that marketing efforts do not always translate to bottom line enrollment increase. SynED has provided a direct sales program to reach out to local employers and community organizations to sell applicable course and training programs and help bring them through the enrollment process.


Project Management | Messaging and Communication | Development | Outreach to Business | Reporting and Analysis


Unify Statewide Efforts for Cybersecurity Education

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California Cyberhub

The state of California desired to have a unified effort to connect disparate efforts and centralize resources. SynED stepped up and hosted the California Cyberhub and has since made it a full program supported by our organization.


Project Management | Community Organizing | Promotion and Advocacy Coordination | Curation of Content

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Create a Tactical Plan

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Tactical Plan Development

Many regions and colleges received strategic direction from state level initiatives and grants however, they have some difficulty translating those into tactical plans to achieve results aligned with strategic directive. SynED has worked with many colleges to scan their regional environment and help develop tactical plans to identify actionable projects with clearly defined outcomes.


Project Management | Research and Survey | Reporting and Analysis | Compression Planning

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Organize a Statewide Cyber Competition

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California Mayors Cyber Cup

California educators had a dream to have a true statewide cyber competition. SynED marshaled the resources and funding and implemented a framework that engaged 1300 students, 250 teams representing 150 cities from every region across the state.


Multi Location Event | Coordination Marketing | Contract/Vendor management | Project Management

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Graduate school or continuing education:  Mid adult women (30s) and young African American man (20s) meeting and studying together in the library, having a serious discussion.

Improve Service Offerings

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Quality of Service Review

A Community College with a running program to support employee development within their service area desired to improve their enrollment. SynED did a quality of service interview with each of their customers and provided the college with a list of actionable items that help them align with their customer needs and improve participation in the community.


Project Management | Research and Survey | Reporting and Analysis

ReportOUT Quarterly Publication

This publication provides inspiration and thought-provoking narratives on current and future trends.

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