Temecula Triumphs: ‘Crypto Scammer’ Team Wins 5th Annual California Mayors Cyber Cup – Inland Empire/Desert Region.


Temecula, CA – May 23, 2023 – Temecula City once again showcased its rising cybersecurity stars at the fifth annual California Mayors Cyber Cup – Inland Empire/Desert Region. In a memorable ceremony at the city council meeting, the triumphant ‘Crypto Scammer’ team proudly presented the perpetual trophy to Mayor Zak Schwank.

The five victorious team members, together with their coach Cole Randall, stood united, representing their journey of dedication, knowledge, and teamwork. In attendance were proud parents, esteemed officials from the school district, and regional representatives, all joining in to celebrate this significant achievement.

Mayor Zak Schwank took the opportunity to highlight the profound regional impact of the California Mayors Cyber Cup. “This event is about more than just a competition; it’s about the importance of cybersecurity education, about creating a platform that lets our students shine and grow,” he said. “For the second consecutive year, the winning teams have emerged from the Temecula School District, showcasing our commitment to excellence in education.”

The Mayor’s words were echoed by a member of the community, who, attending the city council meeting, expressed their awe. “It’s astounding to see these high school students equipped with the opportunity and capability to delve into cybersecurity. The commitment of this younger generation and their tutors is inspiring.”

Coach Cole Randall, undertaking his inaugural coaching journey at the Inland Empire/Desert regional Mayors Cyber Cup, was filled with pride. “The experience for the students was nothing short of amazing,” he shared. “The competition was a holistic learning journey, offering our team the opportunity to enhance their cybersecurity skills, and also their leadership, organization, and team-building capacities. This victory sets a solid foundation for us to expand our program and entice more students with an interest in computer science and cybersecurity.”

Reflecting on his experience, Lucas Thatcher, a newcomer to the team, said, “The competition was a powerful learning curve for me, providing much-needed experience in teamwork and introducing me to uncharted territories in cybersecurity, such as cryptography.”
Avi Nair from the Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium Strong Workforce program praised the students’ endeavors. “We are proud of all the students and their expanded vision of opportunities for career development and continued education at their local community colleges.”
The California Mayors Cyber Cup Inland Empire/Desert Region was made possible by the generous funding from the Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium Strong Workforce Program. The event was seamlessly designed, managed, and executed by synED, a California non-profit organization demonstrating their commitment to fostering cybersecurity talent in the region.
About the Inland Empire/Desert Strong Consortium
The Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium (IEDRC) serves as a regional framework to communicate, coordinate, collaborate, promote, and plan career and technical education and workforce and economic development in the Inland Empire/Desert Region. The IEDRC partners are committed to working together to provide the region with workforce development programs that address real needs and contribute to economic prosperity. Visit the Inland Empire/Desert Competition Site

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