Chico Triumphs: ‘ Geriatric Gerbils ‘ Team Wins 5th Annual NorCalCyber Mayors Cup – Far North Region


Chico, CA – June 15, 2023 – In a recent city council meeting, the winners of the 5th annual NorCalCyber Mayors Cup – Far North Region, a local team named the Geriatric Gerbils, showcased their victorious trophy to Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Vice Mayor Kasey Reynolds.

The moment was marked by a genuine sense of accomplishment and community spirit, with two of the five team members, their coach Jonathan Andrew, parents, and officials from the school district in attendance.
Mayor Coolidge took this opportunity to recognize the students’ efforts, presenting them with Certificates of Recognition. He applauded their preparation, dedication, and commitment to mastering complex cybersecurity skills, which led to their win in the NorCalCyber Mayors Cup competition for the Far North Region.

Vice Mayor Reynolds expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “It’s fantastic that we have such dedicated students learning about cybersecurity right here in Chico. It’s a testament to the strong potential within our community.”

Team member Daniel Russel echoed these sentiments, stating, “The Cyber Mayors Cup has been an insightful experience. It’s helped me realize the immense scope and critical importance of cybersecurity in our world.”

Katherine Goyette, Computer Science Coordinator at the CA Department of Education, emphasized the significance of the Mayors Cup. She noted, “This event fosters a hands-on approach to building cybersecurity skills that are essential in today’s workforce. It encourages students to think about the impacts of computing, the safety of internet and networking systems, and how they can serve their communities with their technology skills.”

Team Geriatric Gerbils from Chico High School scored the highest points in the high school division for the Far North Region. There were Seventy (70) teams consisting of 450 students from participating middle schools, high schools, and community colleges across the state competing in this event.

This triumphant moment for the Geriatric Gerbils highlights the potential within Chico’s young population. The city looks forward to supporting and celebrating more such achievements in the years to come.

The California Mayors Cyber Cup Far North Region was made possible by the generous funding from the Sacramento County Office of Education Strong Workforce Program. The event was seamlessly designed, managed, and executed by synED, a California non-profit organization demonstrating their commitment to fostering cybersecurity talent in the region.

About the Sacramento County Office of Education
The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) provides technical assistance, curriculum and instructional support, staff development, legal and financial advice, and oversight to Sacramento County school districts. SCOE plays a leadership role in the delivery of quality education to the students in Sacramento County. SCOE directly educates more than 30,000 children and adults and provides support services to more than 249,000 students in 13 school districts. Visit the NorCal Cyber Competition Site


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