Beyond the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from COVID 19


ReportOUT Volume #8

ReportOUT Volume #8

621.64 KB pdf, epub
ReportOut Vol 8

The quarterly review of innovative applications in alternative education


The world has not seen a crisis like COVID 19 in more than a century… If ever. What makes this pandemic different is globalization, intercontinental trade and travel, and a society operating at an unprecedented and accelerating velocity. But one thing the pandemic has made clear is that business-as-usual is no longer an acceptable strategy. Things will never be the same. Nor will education, which may be a good thing.

Recognizing that real change is necessary. SynED was created to identify solutions, promote innovations on the margins,
and implement them using established business practices to achieve optimal results for educational institutions. SynED’s quarterly compendium, ReportOUT, focuses on the non-traditional with the understanding that effective educational practices can be found in some unlikely places.

This volume of ReportOUT is dedicated to the idea that this crisis has stimulated innovation – everywhere – but especially within the education sector. Some of those developments are highlighted in this ReportOUT.


01 What Higher Ed Has Learned From Covid-19 So Far

02 Beyond Reopening Schools: How Education Can Emerge Stronger Than Before COVID0-19

03 Pandemic Lessons From Community Colleges

04 The Speedy Future of Delivering Online Learning: 5G-10G Confusion and Potential

05 Dear Faculty: ‘Keep Walking’

06 Teaching and Learning in the Post Pandemic College

07 Policy Brief: Education During COVID-19 and Beyond

08 K-12 Trends and the Future of Higher Education 

09 High-Impact, Evidence-Based Strategies for Online Teaching

10 Play in the Time of COVID-19

11 Students Cheat. How Much Does It Matter?

12 Curtains Up on Campuses

13 The New M.B.A.: Flexible, Cheaper and Lifelong

ReportOUT Volume #8

ReportOUT Volume #8

621.64 KB pdf, epub

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