Career Coaching Services

Accomplish more in your career by receiving one-on-one coaching and individual attention to help you achieve your unique career objectives.

SynED’s Coaching program provides you the tools to accomplish more in your career journey and will help you plan for success!

Program Overview:

This program is designed to offer individual support and one-on-one coaching for your career-related needs.  Whether you are student, or a seasoned professional in need of career guidance, we are here to help!  According to a January 2018 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person changes jobs 12 times during their career. Many workers spend five years or less in every job, so more time and energy is devoted to transitioning from one job to another.

The Career Strategist Coach Program is available to provide support to Educational Institutions, Businesses, and Organizations with their Career Coaching Needs.

Do your students, staff or customers need more one-on-one coaching? Would you like to offer Career Readiness Workshops or Courses but don’t have the time or staff?

SynED is here to help with curriculum development and delivery, assistance with implementing digital badges for career readiness and supporting the needs of your customers through individual attention and personalized coaching.

Getting Started For Individuals

  • Step 1:
    Book a free initial 20 minute assessment to help establish or validate your plan
  • Step 2:
    Meet with your coach. You will receive instructions, upon booking, as to what you will need for your initial assessment
  • Step 3:
    After your session, your coach will email you a detailed action plan and summary of next steps!
  • Bonus Activity
    Check out your place in the career world by exploring your carrer journey with this great application.

Program Approach:

For Students & Aspiring Professionals: 

Create a pathway to employment by increasing your career readiness skills tailored to your education, experience, interests, values and skills.  What is the difference between a job and a career?  A job is obtained in order to earn a paycheck.  A career is MADE by you through your knowledge, experience and unique skill set. SynED’s Career Coach will provide comprehensive coaching that will help you know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to better make career, educational, and life decisions. 

For Professionals: 

Given that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime (1/3 of your life), your job can make a crucial impact on the quality of your life.  Are you happy in your current position or industry? If you are looking for a career change, promotion, or a Career Coach to talk with, SynED’s program is designed to suit your individual needs to help you evaluate your current career or situation. 

COVID-19 and Career Coaching: 

Whether you are entering a new career, have recently lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic and need guidance on how to re-enter the workforce, or if you are interested in changing your career direction, we are here to help during these uncertain times. 

Career Coaching for Your Organization

Are you in need of assistance and extra help with your Career Services Department? We understand that it is a busy time for Career Coaches, Job Developers and Support Services. SynED’s Career Strategist Coaching Program provides services to Higher Education, Placement Agencies and Organizations that need extra assistance with helping their customers and students. We can include any of the Career Coaching Services listed below to meet the needs of your organization. Please submit an inquiry and include what your organization’s coaching needs are and we will schedule a free consultation. We are here to help you accomplish more.

Available Coaching Services

Free 20-minute Consultation

Schedule a free session to learning more about our coaching services and how SynED can help you with your career success.

1-hour Coaching Session

One-on-one coaching session to ask any questions you want!

Career Assessment & Coaching Session

Discover occupations suited for your interests and skills and review the findings with your coach.

Career Exploration

(Ideal for current students)
Learn about how to explore potential careers and the benefits of gaining experience through an internship or apprenticeship while in school.

Career Change Session

You coach will help you gain career clarity and  identity next steps.

Career Preparation and Training Package

Learn how to write
a cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolio. Practice Interviewing skills and create an elevator pitch.  Be interview-ready by participating in mock interviews and learn how to communicate your skills and strengths.

Job Search Strategy Package

Learn how to research
job requirements and how to create a targeted job search. Create a personalized Networking Strategy for your career goals – learn how to create and maintain a professional Network.  80% of jobs are filled by networking!

Career Plan Session

Work with your coach to develop a personal 5-year career plan.

Resume and LinkedIn Review

Update your current resume with industry specific key words and ATS optimization techniques.  87% of Recruiters use LinkedIn for sourcing potential candidates – ensure your profile is complete, well-written, and ready to be seen!

Network Strategy

Gain the confidence and assistance to create and maintain a professional network to help you achieve your career goals.

Interview Coaching

Your coach will help you learn and practice interview skills that will help you get hired.

Negotiation Coaching

Learn techniques on how to navigate salary negotiations, tips on how to earn a promotion, and how to better communicate what you want in terms of your career.


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