Digital Badge Review 2014


A Workforce Skill Attainment Perspective


 On May 16, 2014 a group of professionals representing various stakeholder viewpoints in workforce education gathered at Los Positas College to discuss the vision and issues relating to giving recognition for skills acquired in both tradition and non-traditional learning venues. It was held as an information sharing session on the topic of Digital Badges with attendees representing a workforce digital badge ‘ecosystem’. Digital Badging is an evolving approach that is being explored by many commercial and public entities and was the main topic of conversation at this gathering. 

Attendees seemed engaged in the potential for this approach throughout the presentations and lively discussion sessions. There were many ideas discussed about how the digital badge approach could work however, while there was interest, there insufficient time to discuss a pilot program and what should be included. 

Given the fact that there was much enthusiasm about this approach, it appears that there is momentum to continue this conversation with this group and groups throughout the State of California to coax a pilot plan within a workforce ecosystem or sector that will evolve as essential stakeholders become involved.

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