Employers New Currency: Digital Badges and Micro Certifications


ReportOUT Volume #5

ReportOUT Volume #5

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ReportOUT Employers New Currency

The quarterly review of innovative applications in alternative education


This volume of ReportOUT focuses on the accelerating adoption of digital badges and micro certifications and its impact on employers and prospective employees. But the long view of education and the dilution of undergraduate degrees, argues for a significant increase in the use of micro-certifications in technical and soft skills. It’s not that the “non-degree” credentials are rare; more than a quarter of the employed U.S. population holds a license or certification, on top of any degrees they may hold. Certifications can be precisely tuned to industry needs, and they hold the promise of reducing the need for employers to rely on imperfect proxies, like college degrees. In certain occupations, certifications outline career ladders that define industries and give employers and job seekers alike guidance about what skills are necessary to advance. Those occupations, however, are the exception, and if the nation is to close the skills gap, perhaps they should become the norm.


01 Digital Badges Are Now an Essential Tool

02 Do Digital Badges Really Provide Value To Businesses?

03 Microsoft Rolls Out Role-Based Certifications

04 Non-degree ‘Badges’ Are Booming

05 Digital, Verified and Less Open

06 Digital Badging

07 Salesforce Trailhead Makes the Paper Resume Obsolete

08 Badges Need Rigor! (Or do they really?)

09 Convergence of Credentials

10 How Well Do Soft-skill Badges Work for Job Seekers?

11 Online Badges Help Refugees Prove Their Academic Achievements

ReportOUT Volume #5

ReportOUT Volume #5

621.64 KB epub, mobi, pdf

"Representing your skills as a badge gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time."

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