California’s legislators make cybersecurity education a top priority


ReportOUT Volume #1

ReportOUT Volume #1

1.29 MB pdf
ReportOUT Volume 1

The quarterly review of innovative applications in alternative education


California’s higher education system is poised to meet that need through its 114 community colleges, 23 CSU campuses and 10 UC campuses. With so many players involved, communication and collaboration are key to making meaningful progress. Those conversations are already happening throughout the state and recently received the support of the California State Assembly. The California Cyberhub, along with key players from education, industry and government were brought together by the State Assembly Joint Oversight Committee for a hearing titled “Cybersecurity Education and the Needs of the Workforce.” (Video) The hearing included representatives from the University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges, California Cyberhub and National University, as well as industry partners like Cisco Systems and CompTIA.


01 California’s legislators make cybersecurity education a top priority 

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ReportOUT Volume #1

ReportOUT Volume #1

1.29 MB pdf

“Cybersecurity is not just a technical problem, it’s very much a business problem and our workforce needs to be trained accordingly...”

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