Netflix University: Why Not?


ReportOUT Vol. 9

ReportOUT Vol. 9

14.48 MB mobi, epub, pdf

The quarterly review of innovative applications in alternative education

Or how I got my B.A at Oracle and my MBA at Amazon (paid for with a Bitcoin corporate scholarship)

Let’s be honest. For the past five centuries, few institutions have been more successful at resisting change than higher education, with the possible exception of the church (pick your flavor). By and large, the primary mode of education – the celebrated lecture – has remain untouched (with the exception of Powerpoint) for the past 500+ years, despite what science and psychology have revealed of human learning, cognition, and development.

In fact, the very word “lecture” means to read in Latin, a vestige of the way education was delivered pre-Gutenberg. Furthermore, the verb — “delivered” — in the last sentence suggests a model of education as transaction – a commodity to be sold and consumed — despite what we know about student-centered learning, informal learning, and project-based learning.


01 Is this the End of College as We Know It?

02 This College Degree Is Brought to You By Amazon

03 6 Reasons Why Higher Education Needs to be Disrupted

04This Is The End Of College As We Know It

05 What Higher Education Can Learn From NEtflix

06 Why Higher Education Will Change

07 Higher Ed Needs a Long-Term Plan for Virtual Learning

08 The College Degree Is Dividing America

09 The Pandemic Pushed Universities Online. The Change Was Overdue.

10 Shaping The Future Of Higher Ed By Listening To Students

11 ‘Roblox’ isn’t just a gaming company. It’s also the future of education.

12 The Emerging Importance of Alternative Credentials and Pathways for Adult Learners

ReportOUT Vol. 9

ReportOUT Vol. 9

14.48 MB mobi, epub, pdf

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