Personnel Supply Chain Model

SynED’s program is designed to develop a mature and self-sustaining training and placement model through the use of intermediary organizations to accelerate progression from aptitude and attitude to job placement. 

Personnel Supply Chain Management

SynED’s program is designed to develop a mature and self-sustaining training and placement model through the use of intermediary organizations to accelerate progression from aptitude and attitude to job placement. 

Traditional apprenticeship thought is not answering the need to substantially increase the flow of trained professionals into technology influenced careers. Utilizing the existing infrastructure of select placement agencies that already have strong job development and placement ties with employers in both the commercial and public sectors, we intend to build a sustainable and quality supply chain of technology professionals. By bringing together a mix of existing sources, we can build a flexible continuous training approach that fits the need of each participating organization.

Program Approach

SynED acts as a design specialist consultant, working with your organization to create a structure that includes formation of an internal consulting group or partnership with an external Managed Service Provider or Staffing Agency to implement a continuous learning program for IT and cybersecurity personnel. SynED helps you find and partner with colleges, universities, private boot camps and others source to obtain quality candidates. We also work with you to select quality education and training resources. We also help you find alternative funding sources to offset costs with local, state federal and non-governmental training programs.

Your Role

Success will only happen if the program satisfies the objectives of both you and your customers. We expect that this program will become a sustainable and profitable part of your business, allowing you to expand your customer base. This will also help you provide expanded services to your customers by supporting their personnel needs if they are unable to maintain dedicated full-time professionals.

There are many ways that you can engage in the supply chain model, depending upon your desired outcome and your ability to provide service elements within the chain. Becoming an intermediary provides the biggest gain potential for an organization, but it also requires the ability to manage and grow a wide number of internal and third-party resources.   

Start Your Personnel Supply Chan Management Program

Two Structural Options

Under One Roof

Collaborative Network

Structural Flow


Future employees can be students graduating from high school, college, universities, apprentices, veterans or members of the public. Ideally, these individuals are receiving training or have a background or demonstrated aptitude in IT and cybersecurity. 1 of 6

Pre-program Boot camp & Assessment

Pr-screening of talent for aptitude, attitude and level of proficiency is key for routing candidates to appropriate programs. Boot camp style programs, combined with psychological screening, help determine high success probability paths for each candidate. It also helps to identify those who would be best served to pursue alternative options. Placement services may find this a good source for non-technical job placement candidates.

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Consulting Group & Placement Services

Trained and assessed candidates can be employed by the organizations Managed Service Providers (MSP) or consulting services group or placed directly into a client’s business depending upon proficiencies and capabilities. 3 of 6

Training Resources

Internal consulting group employees will be continually trained and groomed for placement or progression within the organization. Customers of the organization may choose to utilize various training services to support their employee development needs and any work-based-learning programs they are utilizing. 4 of 6

Optional Offset Funds

There are many optional sources for funding to offset the costs of work-based learning programs. State and Federal funds are available for employee training and apprenticeship programs. Identifying these funding sources and developing processes to apply for these funds can support implementing these programs until they become self-sustaining. 5 of 6


Participating organization can provide a full array of IT and Cybersecurity services to their customers depending upon their need. From needs analysis, compliance assessment and ongoing support to placement of full-time professionals in their customer’s organization.

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