Re-Imagining the Learning Environment through Virtual Labs as a Service


Structural Challenges Faced by Community Colleges and Students and Impact on the Future Workforce and the California Economy


There is an increased demand for highly trained Information Technology and Cybersecurity professionals. As technology expands through Machine Learning, 5G networking, and quantum computing, the demand for IT and Cybersecurity professionals will exponentially grow.

Extreme workforce shortages in these two key professions pose severe threats to the national economy, including a reduction in capacity of the private sector to innovate and adapt to new demands and increased activity of cyber criminals exploiting vulnerable systems with the global financial costs estimated in the trillions of dollars by 2021.


The traditional ‘Teacher-Centered Instruction’ and more recent ‘Student-Centered’ approach to education are phasing out as a more ‘integrated holistic approach’ or ‘Net-Centered Knowing’ paradigm replaces them.

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