AB 405 – An Opportunity to Provide a 4 Year IT Degree in the California Community Colleges


Fellow IT and Cybersecurity Industry and Educators,

I have heard from many of you over the past year, as we supported a number of CA Community College events and programs, that the real challenge for our students is to advance in a skill-based economy while pursuing the typical non-degreed Career Technical Education like IT and Cybersecurity.

Suddenly the CA Assembly gets a great idea! Why not allow CCC Career Technical Education students in IT/Cybersecurity to gain a Bachelor’s Degree! This Applied Science Degree recognizes the hands-on nature and acquired skill set of technology. With advances in IT, Cybersecurity, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and many technological applications, it’s the right time! This degree will allow thousands of current and future IT Tech and Cybersecurity experts to be trained and will support high wage jobs.

We are very excited about this development and would invite you to get involved by sending a note of support to Assemblymember Jose Medina and the entire membership of the Assembly Higher Education committee before March 20th. We have made it easy for you to share your thoughts here and the mailing is automatic…no cost to you. Click here to electronically submit your letter of support.

Do we still need to examine the future varieties of of education and validation? You bet we do. This AB 405 is an overdue step updating the traditional system that is well deserved. There will be many more changes to come!

Please feel free to forward this request to your extended IT-Cybersecurity community who would like to support AB 405 as well. Contact me with any questions at 866-420-4573 xt802 or [email protected].

All the best,

Guy Smith

Executive Director
866.420.4573 xt802
[email protected]


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